Operation Wise Up  

The Mission

Brickhouse Cares Inc will provide educational resources & information focusing on the importance of academic studies in real-world situations.


                           Community Colleges & Libraries Connect

Librarians know the value of library community services, and their patrons appreciate their importance as well. But in an increasingly digital world, we see the role of libraries as community and cultural centers at times undervalued, and occasionally under fire. With shrinking municipal budgets combined with the nonstop technological revolution, public library services that focus on building community face-to-face, inspiring and educating patrons about art, literature, and music, and helping patrons engage in civil discourse can seem quaint. But it is precisely those shrinking budgets and the onslaught of technologically mediated life that make public libraries’ cultural and community offerings more important than ever. 


Brickhouse Cares Inc will work endlessly to create a bridge between community colleges, libraries, and the residents of their surrounding communities that will be beneficial to all parties involved. High school and community college student's and faculty will receive access to a variety of information and resources that will aid in a student's transition into a 4-year university or into the workforce. Libraries will receive more foot traffic which increases the utilization of current resources, provides funding to maintain and develop new programs and resources, all while increasing awareness of their values throughout their surrounding communities. Adults struggling with education, career, family, or faith will also have access to many resources and programs created by Brickhouse Cares Inc and community partners.


We will provide educational resources & information focusing on the importance of academic studies in real-world situations, life skills for adulthood, balancing family & work life, networking both on a personal and business level and the importance of faith at work and at home to current high school students, community college students, and adults in need of education or life guidance. Brickhouse Cares Inc, with the help of volunteers and monetary donations from community businesses and residents, will execute a variety of events including, but not limited to, conferences, seminars, mentorships, speaking engagements, and internships. Brickhouse Cares Inc will help to equip the youth and adults looking for education and guidance on career options, family & personal life issues, and faith-based living, with tools to create a prosperous and fulfilling life for themselves and their families.


                                           ~Jack Brickhouse~


                        "Brickhouse Cares When Nobody Else Cares"